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Dubai is a cosmopolitan city that attracts millions of tourists every year. Covered from the desert on three sides and the ocean from the fourth, the city carries world-class infrastructure and ancient Arabic heritage parallelly. The government of UAE has successfully turned the city into a global tourist hotspot by developing the city in a way that the entire world is amazed by its beauty. One can easily mesmerize with its beautiful locales, hospitality, and adventure on sea and sand. Arabian Desert attracts thrill-seekers from UAE or adjoining countries and far-flung corners of the world. The adventure-sport enthusiasts love to experience desert safari Dubai particularly dune bashing in golden dunes in the world’s second-largest desert. 

Dubai safari is the favorite activity for people coming to explore Dubai. Whether they are first-timers or have already visited Dubai many times, Desert Safari is always on their must-do list. The reason is that it gives the best of both worlds,adventure, and leisure. Whether you are with family and friends or solo wanderlust, everyone can have their share of thrill and adventure from the Dubai desert safari. Only kids below3 years, pregnant women, and older people with backache or other health-related issues are not allowed to take the safari for obvious safety reasons. The desert safari is available in various shifts and preferences. Depending on your budget and interest, you can even book a private safari where only the safari driver will accompany you to take you out for a thrilling dune bashing amid large dunes of the vast Arabian Desert. 

Extreme Adventure Safari

A morning, evening, extreme adventure, or overnight safari is offered, depending on how you want to spend your time in the desert. The extreme adventure safari is for those who love to challenge themselves for the ride in the most challenging locations of the desert. It includes dune bashing in ‘red dune,’ the most adventurous point in Ruba-Al-Khali desert Dubai depending on your choice. The timing of the Extreme adventure safari is from 8 am to 1 pm. Travelers generally club this with the evening safari.

Morning safari

If you are on a short trip to Dubai and want to cover maximum in a short time, opt for a morning safari. Tour operator’s vehicle will pick you up from the hotel, take you to a thrilling 20-minute dune bashing experience, and then to a beautiful Bedouin campsite. You can have refreshing drinks and enjoy quad biking for a while, click beautiful pictures. Then the vehicle will drop you back at the hotel. The entire safari will take 2 hours. The best part of this safari is the morning alluring beauty of the desert which looks astonishing in morning sunrays.

Evening safari

Evening safari brings the real leisure of the desert experience and Arabian hospitality. An array of beautiful surprises awaits you. The safari, which starts early evening around 4.30 pm, gives you ample time to see various beautiful locations of the desert, including the sunset point. The safari driver stops at these locations while driving through beautiful dunes where you experience the thrill of the famous dune bashing. On the way, you can refresh yourself on various beautiful stoppages and click pictures. After the adventurous dune bashing, you reach the campsite. A lovely camp made in Bedouin theme gives you clear images of desert life. Refreshing drinks and Arabian dates welcome you. The fluid belly dancers capture your imagination; you can also check your dancing skills with them. Tanura dancers, on the other hand, bind the environment to their Sufi saga. Kids can enjoy the fire show, camel rides, and horse riding. There is henna art by trained artisans. You can also click pictures in traditional Bedouin dresses to add fun. The Exotic Arabian dinner and barbeque are there to silence the tastebuds. 

Overnight Safari

Overnight safaris are for those who are there to enjoy the desert atmosphere to the max. The safari that starts in the evening takes you to many beautiful locations. Dune bashing in the evening gives you a completely different experience. Click beautiful pictures of the sun disappearing behind big dunes. The cool breeze and setting sun provide a serene and calm feeling. When you reach the campsite, the environment is entirely different. After the sunset, a vibrant, colorful camp is ready to welcome you for the night. Do not forget to match a few steps with belly dancers. You can also enjoy sheesha here while enjoying the spins of Tanura dancers. Sufi music will give you the idea of the depth of spirituality in Arabian culture. After a tiring day, enjoy the Arabian meal at the camp and spend the night in a beautifully decorated tent equipped with all the facilities. Consume the glittering beauty of the desert in the starry night.

The best time for a Dubai desert safari is between November and March when the weather is much more relaxed and pleasant than in summers. Many reliable tour operators like Oasis Palm Dubai provide safari services. It is always advisable to prebook if you are going in peak season. Oasis palm has the facility of online booking and 27×7 customer support for any query. They have ensured that both vehicles and drivers are completely safe for travellers.

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