Important Topics, Books to Score 360 Marks

Qualifying the medical entrance exam — National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2022 — is a dream of lakhs of aspirants who aim to become a doctor. With a huge surge in the number of applicants every year, the competition has increased manifold making it a lot harder for applicants to reach their goals.

To crack medical entrance, Biology is the most crucial as it accounts for 360 marks in a 720 marks exam. It is not uncommon for people to score full marks. To attain the feat, one needs to adopt a focused attitude and prepare in the right way.

Focus on Exam Pattern

It is imperative for students to know the exam pattern to understand the specifics of the exam paper such as the number of questions, type of questions, weightage, segregation of questions as per marks, important questions, etc. Knowledge of the exam format helps understand the structure of the exam thoroughly and how to best go about it. NEET 2021 had a varied pattern with two sections in each subject proving flexibility to attempt the questions in section B had given some relief to students in choosing the 10 questions out of 15 to attempt was a soothing experience for students. However, on the other side students had to read 200 questions in 180 minutes and that had posed a challenge in managing the time during the exam.

In the year 2021 the biology paper, unlike previous years, was divided into Botany and Zoology and each had 35 questions in section A, which needed to be attempted compulsory, and 15 questions in section B, out of which 10 questions were to be attempted. Students should expect the same pattern in NEET 2022 as well hence they should keep on practising on the same pattern so that the strategy to attempt exam and time management skills get evolved in due course of time.

Avoid too many books

It is rightly said that too many cooks spoil the broth. Similarly, studying from too many books is not only time consuming but also exhausting and confusing. NEET 2022 is likely to be held in May. With about six months to go, students should channelize their energy and time wisely. As the NEET is assured in the near future, revision, and re-revision of Biology NCERT in order to bring yourself in sync with NEET preparation is the key factor for medical aspirants to succeed in this national level entrance exam. In addition, going through study material and notes can help in a quick recap.

Practice hard as nothing comes easy

Solving as many questions as possible is the key to success. Exhaustive practice not only enhances preparation but also boosts confidence levels. It is advised to go through the previous year papers, solve all the questions and make a note of unsolved ones. Practice them again and again for thorough preparation. Biology has a lot of facts and figures which needs revisions and practice in regular time intervals.

Important Chapters

Do you know? The NEET Biology syllabus has more than 38 chapters and enormous concepts or facts and contributes 360 marks from a total of 720, so your NEET preparation plan has to be better than everyone. Firstly, the most crucial task is to identify the important chapters for NEET 2022. Secondly time allocation for Biology with respect to other subjects.

— Reproduction in Organisms Human Reproduction

— Sexual reproduction in Flowering Plants Evolution

— Principles of Inheritance and Variation Biotechnology: Principles & processes

— Molecular Basis of Inheritance

— Organisms and Populations

— Environmental Issues

— Biological Classification Biomolecules

— Plant Kingdom Neural control and coordination

— Cell: The Unit of Life Breathing and Exchange of Gases

— Morphology of Flowering Plants Chemical coordination and Integration

— Transport in Plants Animal Kingdom

— Mineral Nutrition Animal Morphology

— Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

— Respiration in Plants

— Plant growth and Development

Studies suggest that the paper from NEET 2021 was major of medium difficulty level and highly NCERT-oriented. While reading the complete NCERT is mandatory, it is very important to spend more time learning facts and diagrams from chapters that are hotspots for questions, implying that laying more emphasis on them can yield a higher score.

— The author is Anurag Tiwari, National Academic Director, Medical Aakash Educational Services Ltd

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